"One Belt And One Road" Financial Security - Asian Credit Gold System

Release date:
May 09, 2019

 On May 6, 2019, "Asian Financial Security Closed-door Meeting" in Shenzhen, Guangdong meeting successfully, Mr. Kang Yiming summarized the financial security and anti-money laundering work of Asian countries in the first quarter of 2019, fully affirmed the " Asian Credit Gold System", and commended the comrades who made outstanding contributions to the Asian financial security work in 2018.

During the meeting, the International Policemen Special Training Association Asian Affairs Bureau, Asian Financial Risk Control Institute, China's Anti-Corruption Research Center Expert Committee, Ministry of discipline inspection and supervision of China Guo-Fa Major Project elaborated about how Asian financial risk control protect "One Belt And One Road". 

Because the international monetary system deviates from the modern sovereign monetary value formation mechanism and completely enters the era without anchor, it loses the function of fair value comparison and makes the world likely to have a credit crisis at any time.  Digital rating is used to establish the national credit rating system, establish the relationship between national credit and sovereign currency, scientifically establish a globally consistent national credit anchor system, realize the comparability of national credit, truly turn credit into gold, and credit gold will open the door to the reconstruction of the international monetary system.

Mr. Kang Yiming emphasized that the "Credit Gold System" represents the advanced nature of human beings, dissolves most social conflicts, fundamentally eliminates the spread of "human's bad habits", and makes the wealth distribution system scientific and reasonable, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating wars.  The "Credit Gold System" transforms human belief into a unified civilized value system, which greatly reduces the conflicts of interests among different ethnic groups. In particular, the problem of multi-ethnic sovereign states is also readily solved.

At the meeting, we listened to the work report of various international organizations and units, summarized the work of Asian financial security in the first quarter of 2019, and gave clear instructions on how to carry out the work in the future.

During the period, the religious representative Zhang Fuzhong(a member of the public), the representative of the Asian Anti-money Laundering Department Mrs. Zhan Linda and the representative of the Asian Gold Bank Mr. Feng Zhijian respectively evaluated and identified the significance of credit gold to Asian countries and the significance of credit gold system to global financial security.

At the same time, the chairman of the board of directors of Yiqin Asia-pacific International Group, Mr. Lu Yiqin, was also recognized and commended for his outstanding contribution to the work of the Asian Anti-money Laundering Department, and was awarded the "2018 financial guardian award" (five Asian people won this award).

The conference will provide effective evaluation and prediction for Asian financial security and "One Belt And One Road" financial security, and further develop effective debt market development and state-owned asset management plans for Asian countries and put forward feasible suggestions for the government to deal with bad debts, strengthen financial security and maintain national and regional economic stability.